Download of Unshake 1.5 release 1b

This version, released 20th December 2010, differs from Unshake 1.5 release 1, released 4th December 2006 only in having the previously missing file "", for MacOS X.

Please agree to the following:

Unshake is the property of M.D. Cahill, and is offered for private use only. By downloading Unshake, I am agreeing not to attempt to gain financially by its acquisition or use.

I shall not attempt to disassemble, decompile or reverse-engineer Unshake, nor use information gained thereby for the financial profit of myself or others.

I understand that Unshake is offered free of charge, and without warranty of any kind. It is my responsibility to judge whether it is right or safe to use, and to ensure that my computer is backed-up prior to the installation or use of any new software.

Quick Translation:
"I want Unshake to make pictures clearer. I am not trying to make money."



Once you have downloaded the package, unzip it (Freezip is here and Winzip is here, Unix users just use "unzip"), and open the file index.html (or "index", if you are running Windows and are hiding file types - in which case you are asking for trouble from viruses).

If you want to make money from Unshake
...please share! See Contact.html.

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