4 December 2006

Eventual release of Unshake 1.5.

Summer 2005

I am sad to hear of the untimely death of Frank di Marzio, without whose enthusiasm for this project, the latest release might not have seen the Big Wide World. My heart goes out to the family he left behind.

7 June 2005

Second UK Patent, GB2377842, granted for Unshake's core algorithms.

25 January 2005

First UK Patent, GB2367440, granted for Unshake's core algorithm.

23 August 2003

A minor revision, version 1.4, release 2:

5 August 2003

Whoops! I missed out a file from the distribution, "", so users of Mac OS X were unable to launch the program. Now sorted.

1 August 2003

Unshake 1.4 "release 1" released.

23 March 2003

Added a page explaining what blind deconvolution is, and giving an idea of how Unshake works.

3 March 2003

Frank Di Marzio, an Australian physicist informs me that he has had a press article about Unshake accepted in Australia. He's now looking for publishers in other countries. Suggestions anyone?

18 Feb 2003

At the request of a user (honest!) I've added a PayPal button to the site, in case anyone wants to contribute to the development of Unshake. Anything I get from it will be funnelled into buying equipment for developing the code - starting with a computer faster than 150 MHz!

But nothing happened with this PayPal idea, so perhaps I missed the boat, or some instruction from PayPal :-)

22 Jan 2003

Second UK patent application published, GB 2 377 842 A, which details how Unshake 1.3 works. I hope that eventually I'll manage to produce a web-page explaining it.